Generics of Cialis

Cialis is the second most popular drug in the world to combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Almost every man has heard about it, and the female half of humanity is unlikely to find the name of this medicine completely unknown. It is characterized by a long duration of action (up to 36 hours, a minimum of 24 hours), as well as good compatibility with other drugs and a relatively small number of side effects. These features distinguish Cialis from other erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra and Levitra. Nevertheless, Tadalafil also has its drawback, and for many men it is decisive in their choice of medicine to increase potency: this is the high cost of Cialis. In different countries, it can vary from $9 to $35 per tablet.

Despite this sad fact, for men there is still a way to enjoy powerful potency and not go broke. The fact is that there are generics of Cialis – drugs with a variety of trade names, which in their composition and action are analogues of branded drug. From this article you will find out why the prices for Cialis generics are significantly lower than for the original drug. You will get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of generic versions of Cialis, and also learn how to purchase them profitably and with the least effort.

Main Features of Generic Cialis

Cialis generics are full-fledged analogues of a branded drug, the manufacturer of which is the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. In all of them, the main active ingredient is Tadalafil. Their main difference is that they are produced by other pharmaceutical companies based in different countries of the world. The leading positions in the generic market are taken by drugs manufactured in India, Canada and Hungary. At the same time, the most attractive prices are offered by Indian manufacturers, among which Ajanta Pharma, Centurion Laboratories and some others stand out. The total number of companies producing Cialis generics is many tens, from large eminent manufacturers to small, little-known local firms.

The undeniable advantage of Tadalafil generics is their more than affordable price. In most cases, the price per generic pill doesn’t exceed $4, and the initial value is even below $1. Quite often, consumers wonder why Cialis generics are so cheap, but another question would be more accurate: why is branded Cialis so expensive? Like Tadalafil is not an artificially synthesized substance that has long been successfully produced in large quantities, but some kind of rare natural ingredient.

The manufacturing company of branded Cialis is shamelessly using its exclusive license for this medicine, which it still owns in a number of countries. Where Eli Lilly is a monopolist, men have to give a lot of money for Tadalafil, because there is no competition factor. At the same time, the cost of production of this medicine remains more than modest.

However, far from all countries, the patent for the production of Cialis is still owned by Eli Lilly In many countries, for several years now, any other pharmaceutical companies have the right to release their versions of Cialis generics. The generic industry is especially developed in India, where the majority of the population simply can’t afford many expensive original drugs.

Another factor contributing to the low prices for Cialis generics in India is the fact that in this country the level of taxes, wages, rents, etc. is many times lower than in the United States. In addition, there is no need for high costs for advertising and marketing strategies. Distribution costs are also lower, because many manufacturers sell their drugs mostly online. At the same time, there are almost no complaints about the quality of Indian medicines.

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Positive Aspects of Cialis generics

The first and most obvious advantage of Cialis generics is their low price, thanks to which men with the most different income levels can successfully get rid of potency problems. It’s even more pleasant morally for a person who doesn’t complain about the salary size to purchase a cheaper medicine.

The second and important advantage of Tadalafil generics is that in most cases they can be bought without a prescription, especially when it comes to online pharmacies. Few countries relate to the purchase of medications to fight erectile dysfunction with such overstated seriousness as the United States, where a prescription from a urologist is required for purchase, which means that a man has to visit a doctor, explain to him the essence of the problem, undergo examination, and maybe not one, and only then (maybe) he will get a prescription for Cialis. At the same time, buying Cialis online without a prescription allows you to save not only time, but also money and nerve cells, to avoid embarrassing situations during the consultation with a doctor and at the pharmacy. As a rule, men with potency problems value anonymity very much.

Negative Aspects of Cialis generics

Despite the presence of a large number of positive qualities of Cialis, it is not without some shortcomings. There are no perfect cures. For the sake of completeness, the minuses of Tadalafil generics will be given below.

The most significant drawback of not only generics of Cialis, but also of generic versions of all other drugs for erectile dysfunction, is that during online shopping there is a chance to run into fakes or scammers. You need to approach the purchase responsibly, to study information about different manufacturers, online pharmacies, and different generics. This requires a kind of “immersion in the subject,” the study of signs that help distinguish a reliable seller from a dubious, original medicine from a dummy. To find the most attractive offers, it is useful to learn how to use special aggregators that collect information about the prices of a particular medicine in various online pharmacies. Studying customer reviews is also a good thing.

This is not the only one negative aspect of generic Cialis. Despite the fact that the possibility of buying Cialis without a prescription is desirable for many men, such a scheme can seriously harm irresponsible customers. The fact is that Cialis is a fairly serious medicine, it has a number of contraindications and side effects. Before you buy this medicine and start taking it, you must carefully read the instructions for use, study all available information about compatibility with other medicines, and also make sure that you have no contraindications to Tadalafil. Of course, you must follow the recommended dosage, not exceeding the maximum daily (20 mg). If these conditions are not met, the medicine may be hazardous to your health. Sometimes there are cases that discredit Cialis, although only consumers are to blame for them – for example, if a man suffering from severe heart failure starts taking Cialis, he may even die.

Finally, there is another nuance that some consumers attribute to the negative sides of generic Cialis. It’s not easy for those patients who prefer a small dosage of Cialis tablets, that is, 5 mg or even 2.5 mg, to find a generic option that meets their requirements. Such small doses of Cialis are suitable for daily use, in contrast to the more classic 10 and 20 mg, which are taken “on demand”, that is, before sexual intercourse. Since the possibility of daily use of Cialis and the safety of this method of use have been proven only recently, not all generic manufacturers offer Tadalafil in dosages of 2.5 and 5 mg. If you can’t find such an option from the manufacturer you like, not everything is lost: using a knife or pill splitter, you can make any desired dosage from a 10 or 20 mg pill, even 2.5 mg, especially since Cialis pills are of sufficient size.

Shopping Tadalafil Safely

When choosing a pharmacy to buy generic Cialis online, you need to follow some rules in order to get high-quality medicine and not be disappointed in this convenient modern way of shopping medicines from any part of the world. Observing these rules, you won’t encounter unreliable pharmacies or scammers who fake drugs, and won’t harm your health.

The very first and main rule regarding the acquisition of generic Cialis online is: never make an order in a pharmacy if you don't know anything about it. You must first google its name, read reviews from other consumers, check if it is on the black lists of various online pharmacy catalogs, and find out what its reputation is. Usually there are no reviews about unscrupulous pharmacies, or there are a lot of negative ones. However, if absolutely all the reviews about the pharmacy are exceptionally positive and look approximately the same, this should alert: it is quite possible that scammers themselves left them.

This rule should also be applied to the process of choosing the optimal version of the generic Cialis. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with available manufacturers, compare prices, taking into account that the cheapest offers are not always of the highest quality, and sometimes it’s better to pay a little more. In any case, in comparison with the brand-name medicine, prices will be several times lower.

Naturally, you shouldn’t base your choice on such rubbish sources of information as pop-up ads on different websites, articles in yellow newspapers, e-mail newsletters from dubious addresses. Don’t believe the catchy promises of super-quality drugs at ultra-low prices, accompanied by prospects of becoming a sexual giant.

Thus, following these simple rules, you can save a lot of money by getting a high-quality analogue of the expensive brand Cialis. Generics of Tadalafil will allow you to normalize your sex life without risk to health. If you are ready to bring a fresh stream to your intimate sphere, proceed to place your first order!

Why Are Generics So Cheap?

The big difference in price between the original tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction applies not only to Cialis, but also to other drugs from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors: Viagra and Levitra. In some cases, the original drug can be 10 times more expensive than its counterparts. Of course, the cost of generics is also different, European-made medicines are traditionally quite expensive - for example, when you buy the English generic Cialis, you can save about 20% of the cost of the original American drug. The most affordable are Indian medicines, and they are made without compromising quality. Due to the cheaper labor force, as well as the absence of the need to conduct clinical trials and advertising campaigns, generic manufacturers provide men with affordable pills to restore potency. It is important to remember that generics are not second-rate drugs, not fakes, and not folk remedies. These are full-fledged analogues of more expensive drugs that have the same composition and effect with them. Generics may differ from the original medicines in color, shape and size of the tablets, but not in the principle of action, which in Tadalafil is based on an increase in blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis.